Reset idrac password from the Operating System


Went to login to one of the Dell iDRACs today and our usual password did not work. So how to reset it remotely if you have root access to the server OS?

Use ipmitool or racadm, but racadm has to be licensed and setup from within iDRAC
So, ipmitool.

Install of ipmitool is subject for another post.

First find out what channels there are:

[root@dc1-prd-xensrv01 ~]# ipmitool channel
Channel Commands: authcap
getaccess [user id]
setaccess [callin=on|off] [ipmi=on|off] [link=on|off] [privilege=level]
info [channel number]
getciphers [channel]

setkg hex|plain [channel]

Possible privilege levels are:
1 Callback level
2 User level
3 Operator level
4 Administrator level
5 OEM Proprietary level
15 No access

List users:

[root@dc1-prd-xensrv01 ~]# ipmitool user list 2
ID Name Enabled Callin Link Auth IPMI Msg Channel Priv Limit
2 root true true true true ADMINISTRATOR

Reset the password for the root iDRAC user, using the userid and not the name:

ipmitool user set password 2 myshinynewpassword

And that’s it. Password reset.

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